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Exterior and Interior Painting Services

You can completely change the look of your home or business with new paint. Our company provides both interior and exterior painting services, and our attention to detail and professionalism make us a stand out in the field. Also, because we only use Sherwin Williams paint, you know you’re getting a product that lasts and lasts.

Interior Painting Services

We don’t just come in, slap some paint on the walls, and leave. We look at interior painting as an art form, and the job is not finished until it is perfect.

We begin the process with a complete color consultation. While some of our clients know exactly what they want, others require some help choosing the perfect palette for their space. We can help you choose your colors based on a variety of factors. For instance, if you want to open up the home and make the rooms look bigger, we can provide ideas for you. The same is true if you want to make the rooms feel quaint or if you want to go with a modern look.

After the consultation is finished, we will prepare the walls. This includes washing the walls and caulking any gaps. This type of preparation is necessary for the paint to last for years to come.

Next, we take precautions to protect the furniture. Some of our competitors believe that’s the customer’s job, but we provide a full-service interior painting solution. We will not begin until all your furniture is protected. 

Then, it is time to pick up the Sherwin Williams paint and get started. We use technical skills to ensure that the paint is spread evenly, and we complete the job with textural touches that make the walls look like new. We also handle all the trim work and everything else you need.

Whether you want the entire house painted or just a room or two, we are the right choice. Contact us to get an interior home painting quote.

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Exterior Home Painting

When you look at your home from the outside, what do you see? Do you see something that’s lost a little bit of its luster? You might not have the money to completely redo your home, but you can change its looks dramatically with our exterior painting services.

Again, this process begins with the color consultation. Many of our clients are amazed by how much can be done with color. If you want to make your house look larger than it is, a light color will do the trick. You can also use colors to make the home look cozy, rustic, or elegant. There are so many options, and since our team has been in the business for years, we can provide you with recommendations with confidence.

We also examine the condition of the exterior of the home. We have to factor in any wood rot, house peeling, and other issues before completing our bid. 

The age of your home will also be taken into account. If it was built before 1978, we need to test for lead before beginning the sanding and scraping process.

In addition, we will work with you to determine which parts of the home you want us to paint. From the eaves to the thresholds and trim work, each portion requires a different strategy, so we will work with you to determine what you want.

Once we have come up with the strategy, we will get started. We know that you need your home to be back to normal quickly, so we deploy all necessary resources to your property to get to work. We use all the proper techniques to ensure the home looks perfect by the time we are finished.

Also, we clean up the mess, including the debris from scraping and sanding. When we leave your property for the last time, your home will be a showpiece once again, and you won’t have to do a thing.

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