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Window Repair and Replacement

Old windows don’t just hurt the look of your home. They can also impact its ability to be energy-efficient. As air leaks in through the windows, your air conditioner and furnace have to work harder to keep your home cool or warm. That means you will spend more each month on heating and cooling. Avoid this problem by upgrading to new windows. We install all types of windows, so you can get exactly what you want when you choose us.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows have become incredibly popular in the last couple of decades. People love the fact that these windows are energy-efficient. In fact, they are so energy-efficient that you might even be able to get a federal or local rebate after we install them.

They are also incredibly durable, so you don’t have to worry about fading or discoloration, and since they don’t require much maintenance, it’s easy to protect your investment. 

Our customers are also pleased with all the options that come with vinyl windows. From a variety of colors to countless styles, it’s easy to find the perfect vinyl window. We will even work with you to pick an option that will look best for your home.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows come in a variety of styles that range from retro to modern. In addition, they come in countless colors. You actually have more color options with aluminum than with vinyl. We recommend that clients choose anodized aluminum windows since these windows don’t rust. That way, your new windows will last and last.

Wood Windows

Wood windows are one of the most gorgeous options out there. Natural wood is elegant and cozy and provides a great deal of insulation. 

You can choose from a variety of materials for your wood windows, including oak, mahogany, Douglas fir, knotty alder, pine, cherry, and walnut. Our team can go over all these options with you, explaining the benefits of each one.

It’s important to understand that wood windows require a great deal of maintenance. You must keep up with a maintenance schedule if you want wood windows to last. While the maintenance can be burdensome, that’s a small tradeoff to those who love the look of real wood. 

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Fiberglass Windows

Do you want a warm and cozy look with little maintenance? Fiberglass windows are an excellent choice. These windows look like wood, but they are actually made out of a tough composite that can withstand almost anything. These durable windows maintain their beauty for years and years. This allows you to have the beauty of wood without that cumbersome maintenance. 

Wood-Clad Windows

Wood-clad windows are increasing in popularity. These windows have vinyl or aluminum on the exterior-facing side and wood on the interior, so they offer the best of both worlds. When you are inside, you will enjoy the beauty and warmth of the wood. At the same time, the vinyl or aluminum will keep the elements out with very little maintenance. This product is more expensive than some other window options, but it is a fantastic way to get the look and feel of wood windows without undergoing so much maintenance.

Which Option Is Right for You?

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when shopping for windows. There are more options now than ever before, so it can be hard to make a choice.

Fortunately, our team is here to help. Let us know your budget and your needs, and we can find a solution that works best for you. That includes what works best regarding your desired maintenance schedule.

Picking out windows don’t have to be hard work. Let us help, and you will be one step closer to finding the perfect windows for your home.

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