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I was in the process of interviewing contractors for painting the exterior of my home when I met Todd Kerrigan. Todd is the owner of High Plains Contracting and came to my home to provide an estimate for exterior paint. While walking the project he commented about the tops of the rain gutters not having any paint on them, I had not paid any attention to that before and he said that was a sign of hail damage. He suggested that we inspect the roof along with the rest of the exterior of the house. We did and what we found was extensive hail damage to the roof, roof vents, paint, rain gutters, & downspouts. He suggested that I call our homeowners insurance company and request an inspection which I did. 

Todd was there for the appointment with the insurance company rep. and walked everything with them. The insurance claims adjuster promptly opened a claim and they covered replacement of the roof, roof vents, rain gutters, 25% of the paint, & 60% of the downspouts. I wasn't even looking at most of this work and neither did any of the other contractors that I got estimates from. Prompted by Todd, the claims adjuster noted that if we upgraded to Class 4 Impact resistance shingles we would receive a 20% to 25% premium reduction on our homeowners policy. The cost of the upgrade would be paid for by reduced premiums in three to four years, Excellent!

Once the claim was opened Todd came over and we didn't just pick the shingle and paint colors, we discussed roofing systems and what our options were based on the insurance claim amount. We ended up with a Complete Owens Corning Roofing System using their line of premium components. We also used premium paint and aluminum rain gutters and downspouts. Top of the line all the way.

From there the installation was scheduled. The sequence was to be roofing system first, then paint, then rain gutters and downspouts, and one more round of paint for the rain gutters and downspouts. (we couldn't get an exact match for the rain gutters and downspouts so they needed to be painted to match) We had some bad weather so the installation was delayed a few days. Todd asked to bring in a crew on a Sunday to get caught up, I agreed. He brought in a large crew with the intent of finishing in one day. They accomplished their task, but not without a few issues. They worked about 45 minutes past sundown to finish and it showed on the last two rows of shingles and ridge cap at the very top. They also used the wrong color paint on the furnace flue vent and plumbing vents. (roof vents came in powder coated aluminum and in the right color) I called Todd when I discovered the issues the next morning and he came over to inspect. He asked me what I would like him to do, and told him I wanted the top two rows stripped off as well as the ridge cap and redone. He had the roofers come out that afternoon and they fixed everything. Todd went and got the right color paint and repainted everything himself. 

Next came the exterior paint, the painters Todd uses are excellent, with 20 plus years experience and the end result was superb. From caulking to taping edges to final clean-up their work was excellent. 


Rain gutters and downspouts came next along with the next hiccup. There was a mix up in the material order and they were installing the wrong color. Todd was there and we stopped the installation, had them remove what they had installed, and reordered the appropriate color. Once the right material had arrived the installation crew came back and completed the installation and did a fine job. The painters came back to finish and the project was complete.

I have been in the construction industry for over 35 years, and I know that every project has it's challenges and problems. It's how you handle them that sets you apart from the competition. Todd knows that every project will have it's issues, and he also knows that it's how you handle them that sets you apart. Todd Kerrigan / High Plains Contracting gets it right. Todd is a man of his word which is becoming a rarity in this day and age, and he is one of the few that you can trust with his word and a handshake. Todd Kerrigan / High Plains Contracting provides Quality Work along with Great Client Service all at a fair price and gets my highest recommendation!

Mark N.

We had a *huge* amount of hail damage. The roof on the house, the shop, and the shed... A broken window, dented aluminum window wraps, and gutters everywhere. Todd was a joy to work with. He kept us well informed every step along the way. He also worked with our insurance adjuster to get us supplemental claims. Todd made the process easy and took a lot of stress out of it by being able to handle all of our claims. We're getting into rentals and will definitely be calling Todd again in the future... in fact, we've already spoken with him about some repairs on a house we just closed on!


High Plains Contracting, Todd Kerrigan, was very easy to work with. Todd always returned my phone calls in a timely manner. I felt that Todd was very honest and easy to work with about my roof replacement. He worked with my insurance company and made it easy for me. He was very professional and the roof was replaced in a couple of days. I have recommended High Plains to other neighbors and friends also. I felt very comfortable working with Todd.

Gary A.

I HIGHLY Recommend High Plains Contracting. FIVE plus stars all the way! I was in a unique situation where I was between insurance companies for my home, my old insurance company cancelled my policy due to a high claim for sewer line a year before. The new insurance company required that I had one layer of shingles on the roof for them to certify it, then the hail storm in Thornton hit. Due to the hail damage in the neighborhood we were inundated by door to door roofing companies promising anything to get up on the roof. Don't do it!!! Since my claim was to be paid at my expense I even had some companies I called turn me down saying that they only dealt with insurance claims - go figure! I then turned to the troubleshooter referral list for estimates and called a few of those companies. Todd Kerrigan from High Plains Contracting was awesome!

He was very professional, provided me a very fair estimate and explained all the items which were to be included. Due to my situation I needed the roof completed ASAP so that the new homeowners insurance would certify the roof. Most of the other places had a wait of 4 weeks or longer, I explained the issue to Todd and he was able to work it out and get a crew together all within a one week time. The crew was exceptional, did a great job not only removing multiple layers of shingles but also the old swamp cooler and additional dishes and antennas that found their way to the roof over the years. They repaired the roof, put the new shingles down and did a fabulous job cleaning up afterwards. Todd is the owner of High Plains and takes pride in the work, he is very responsive and ensures quality is done on every aspect. The price he quoted remained the same, no hidden fees. I am very happy with this experience and am sharing and encouraging others to reach out to Todd and High Plains any home or roof repair needs. I will be calling High Plains again later this summer to do some outside painting and will certainly keep their number handy for other projects I may need in the future. Thanks Todd!!! Great job to you and your High Plains Contracting team!!! :-)

Lori G.

I interviewed four roofing contractors that are on the Tom Martino referral list including Todd Kerrigan at High Plains Construction. Todd was the last interview, and was the only straight shooter of the four. His company was the smallest of the four making him more responsive and more ''up close and personal'' than the others. His bid was competitive, and he did not try to sell me something I did not need as two others did. He made recommendations as to the quality and color of the tile, and he included all costs in the contract so that there would be no surprises at the end, and he kept his word.

He worked with my insurance company and kept me updated every step of the way. He followed up on the roofing work as it was being done. He also did a great job of patching up the kitchen ceiling where water had leaked. He was very conscientious in following up with me after all work was completed. Also the roof work was done within two weeks of signing the contract. The other companies projected months before they could start. Todd was a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend Todd and High Plains Contracting, and would not hesitate to use them again. If you need a contractor, roofing or otherwise, you won't go wrong with Todd at High Plains. 

D. Garcia

Dear Todd We want to tell how much we appreciate all the time and effort you put into getting our roof completed. When our roof started leaking soon after installation, we contacted the salesman several times with no solution. When he stopped returning our calls, we found your number. You responded immediately. Although it took a long time, you never stopped trying to figure out what was causing the leaking, You tried many times on your own as well as scheduling men with a variety of expertise until you identified the cause of the problem and the solution.

Frankly, we expected you to give up and stop answering our calls (which were many), but you kept trying. The most impressive thing was that you continued to be polite and positive through the many weeks it took to find a solution. We'd like you and whoever else reads this to know how much we appreciate you It's not often one finds anyone who takes his job as seriously and as professionally as you. Thanks!

Judy and Harvey C.